A poem from our friend @StatsChicago

Twas the night of the finals, and all through the town

The people all smiled, as their team was crowned

Oh how we tensed, every Crawford save

Every Bickell hit, every sprint by Toews

The hand shake was over, the victors all stood

Andrew Shaw’s cheek, still covered in blood

The fans they danced, in the streets of Wrigley

Praying this moment, won’t end so quickly

Adjourned to the lockers, Saad and Sharp and Kane

Made damn sure their team, was soaked in champagne

"Cheers for our Blackhawks!" We’ve screamed for days

Our hearts beat loud, while the cup is raised

Our heroes return, from their storied run

To show the world, the Second city is ‘Second’ to none

The town went f*cking insane tonight, if you didn’t see. 

Back in ‘94, the WWE (then WWF) came to the United Center for Summerslam, one of the bigger PPV’s they have. The day before, some legends of the squared circle faced off with a bunch of local media jamokes with Vince McMahon himself throwing out the first pitch. Highlights include a shirtless Shawn Michaels legging out a single. Doink the Clown (and his midget sidekick Dink) talking trash, and the late Macho Man Randy Savage hitting a 3 run BOMB to left center. This video = greatness.