Katelyn’s Desk - Nov. 21, 2013

Hi there.

You know, sometimes the people who run blogs, especially company blogs, you never really get to know them. They post links to their website, or an occasional funny .gif, but that’s about it. Here at RedEye, I’d like to change things up a bit.

Let’s chat. Ask me a question. Whether for a funny joke, what the hell is this NYC-Chicago pizza debate is, artistic questions (I did go to art school — Colum Alum!), or just say hi. I’ll most likely (aka definitely) post random thoughts of the day or the sexual innuendos heard in the office.

So — what’s up?



“A Beer With..” S2E3: Baratunde Thurston

Baratunde, one of the most viral people on the internet, digital capo for The Onion, author, and recent magazine cover boy drops by for a pint and some conversation. We discuss his upcoming book “How To Be Black”, calling out social media “gurus”, #BlackTwitter, and a lot of other stuff. 

This is the best episode we’ve done. More to come.

One of the brilliant brains behind The Onion. Drinking. With Ernest. *kaboom*