The holidays are over, people!

Looking back at our third theme #312Selfie, Chicagoans sure love to take selfies. We had submissions of people taking a break from grading papers, doing tech support, making popcorn, or even right before heading out in Chiberia *shudder.* So what’s next?

Belated Cheer — #312Cheer: Hey guess what, it’s January. The middle of January for that matter. Do you or your coworker still have holiday decorations up? Or does your store front have snowflakes and “Be Merry!” stickers up? Snap a photo with the hashtag #312Cheer and tell us what’s going on (or rat someone out.)


kaytee31 Sort of ashamed, but this little tree from Target has been on my desk since the beginning of December. I’d feel so bad shoving it in my drawer! #312Cheer

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That is soo 2013.

Our Instagram photo project, 312Works, is heading into 2014 in style with our new theme being …
Work Selfie — #312Selfie: We all try to find something to do when we’re supposed to be doing, oh, about 10 other things. Take a brief second to snap a selfie and tell us what you’re supposed to be doing (just don’t bethat person if a phone isn’t allowed at work — DON’T GET FIRED).
Bonus points if you catch a coworker or customer behind you. Triple points if you’re photobombed. Make sure to use the hashtag #312Selfie and write an equally snazzy description. Can’t wait to hear your stories!

Example below:

kaytee31: Oh, uh, I should probably go back to Twitter now, especially because my boss caught me. #312selfie

Katelyn’s Desk - December 17, 2013

Whoa. Writing today’s date just startled me a bit — how in the world is it Dec. 17?!

All last week, I was watching tweets and FB statuses on people getting done with finals and it made me realize (again) that I’m done with school forever. I never have to keep refreshing Oasis to sign up for classes the second I’m allowed to, no more “winter break,” or even using the “15 minutes late” rule when teachers don’t show up.

The one thing that doesn’t stop — homework. It is now just a different type of homework, aka job hunting. Not going to lie, the first few weeks after graduation, I had many meltdowns over job hunting. You go to high school - graduate - college - graduate, then what? The world is literally your’s for the taking and it is scary as shit.

For anyone who just finished finals, about to graduate, or even graduated a few months ago, and is job hunting, don’t. freak. out. It takes time. “But Katelyn, -name- got a job before she even graduated!” Well, shit happens. I’m not here to preach anything because hell, I wouldn’t know what to preach, but I am saying to do your homework. Look into AgencySpy, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Twitter, or better yet, the company’s website for their recruiter’s email. The little things stick out.

Lastly, it’s ok to take pics while you’re hunting, like I did …

"Couch life while job hunting #collegegrad #superfuntimes"


If anyone has any questions or wants to chat about how dumb post-grad life is, I’m all ears.

On to the next one …

Did you see those #312Commute hashtags on Twitter or Instagram? That was us!

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But now is the time for our next theme: Cleanliness — #312Clean. Is cleaning part of your daily work? Are you notorious for your extra clean workspace — or for your extra not-clean one? Tell us a story about that weird spot on the floor at your job, your coworker’s strange cleaning habits or maybe the one refrigerator in your office that hasn’t been cleaned since the ‘90s.

Example below:

Eggnog, cream cheese, hand sanitizer and beer. Most Fridays at RedEye involve community food and booze, and almost 98% of the time none of us can manage to clean it up before we leave for the weekend. Pleasant surprise for the Sunday crew? #312clean

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