Tumblr Thursday picks


Sneaking in under the wire! 

You know the drill by now—if you’re not following these Tumblrs already, you should be.

NYC Crying Guide

I’ve totally never cried in public — nope, never — but I’d bet Chicago could get some use of a guide to the best places in the city to let out a good ugly sob. Can you guess which spot is being recommended in this sampling from the NYC one?

"Everyone who comes in here is so overwhelmed by all the options offered to EVER notice you’re crying at a table all alone!!! I cried here last night while enjoying a dunkaccino with a veggie footlong sub and some mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was a really beautiful experience to say the least, one I will remember for a very long time. Highly recommended!!!!!"

House of Drake

Someday we’ll grow tired of any mashups involving “House of Cards” or Drake lyrics. Today is not that day.

Fly Art 

Speaking of Drake … Fly Art is “the best marriage on the Internet: hip hop and art.” Have a great weekend, everyone!

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