Oh, look! Questions already :)

muchalu4ever: Columbia!!! Art school rules! So doughnuts are the new it thing, what is your favorite place?

Fun fact: I used to work at Glazed and Infused so I know a lot about doughnuts. But - I also don’t judge my doughnuts. I love G&I’s Old Fashioned, Doughnut Vault’s Chocolate Glazed, and 7-11’s Cinnamon Twist. 

ghettorock: Oh random thoughts! also, people complain to me that modern art isn’t art. what makes art art? maybe you can word it better than me! :p

Woof. This question. We had to spend so many hours in useless “First Year Seminars” that were supposed to drum up theories and arguments. Personally, “art” to me is someone using a medium to express their current emotion.

catiev: What’s made you laugh today?

Technically last night, but I saw someone wearing a “Riot Fest Sucks” t-shirt and immediately had to buy one. Too perfect.

Feel free if anyone else wants to ask something or just say hi!