Two passengers, witnesses stepped in and kept the man from fleeing the train. 

**EDIT: Let’s try something. Reply here if you’ve experienced sexual harassment on the CTA before, or send us your story via a private message. Pass along, too, please? 

***ANOTHER EDIT: Open to anyone who’s witnessed an incident and stepped in, as well. 

"Road to Glory" — A Chicago Documentary

(Lenny Gilmore/RedEye)

(Lenny Gilmore/RedEye)

The Chicago music scene is crowded. It’s gritty. It’s completely unforgiving. But one rap artist from the westside of the city refuses to give up. When he’s gut-punched, he pops back up. Time and time again. Introducing Saint Millie, a 22-year-old Oak Park musician who believes he is living his “road to glory.” Watch the young artist on his journey to get paid for what he loves to do, jumping hurdles to get close to that reality. Overcoming small, quiet crowds is just the beginning. But Saint Millie is ready for whatever is thrown at him. He continues to be “the good in the situation.

We made a documentary (45 minutes). Can a Chicago unknown actually make any progress in today’s overcrowded rap scene? Meet Saint Millie, one of the most determined in the game right now. Watch our editor’s note below and click over to YouTube to watch the five-part series, “Road to Glory.”