Katelyn’s Desk - January 15, 2014

The day is here … it’s Wednesday, and also my last day here at the RedEye office. It has been a wild ride here, but especially being able to run the official Tumblr. Tumblr has been apart of my life for years and I’m glad to see the community is still alive and weird as ever.

If anyone wants to chat, stalk follow each other or whatnot … (yay, social accounts!)

  • Tumblr (many posts on here came from it)
  • Twitter (live tweeting odd things, poking fun at ads, being awkward)
  • Portfolio (hey, I went to art school, too)

Don’t be a stranger, guys!




Leonardo DiCaprio tried to make fun of his character with the line “I will just wait here”, when in fact that line wasn’t originally scripted. Everyone started laughing and James Cameron said that the line was “Too funny” to ignore it.

Not funny enough for an oscar.

You’re going to hell for that 

The holidays are over, people!

Looking back at our third theme #312Selfie, Chicagoans sure love to take selfies. We had submissions of people taking a break from grading papers, doing tech support, making popcorn, or even right before heading out in Chiberia *shudder.* So what’s next?

Belated Cheer — #312Cheer: Hey guess what, it’s January. The middle of January for that matter. Do you or your coworker still have holiday decorations up? Or does your store front have snowflakes and “Be Merry!” stickers up? Snap a photo with the hashtag #312Cheer and tell us what’s going on (or rat someone out.)


kaytee31 Sort of ashamed, but this little tree from Target has been on my desk since the beginning of December. I’d feel so bad shoving it in my drawer! #312Cheer

To check out your #312selfies, click here — http://bit.ly/1j4A2q2