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In yet another example of something I wish I had come up with first, this Tumblr features hand-drawn graphs of the cool and not-so-cool simplicities of life. Like falling off the toilet and hitting your head (Did you invent the flux capacitor? Cool. Or did you get a concussion? Uncool.)

Pandas GIFs

Yes, I do feel better now, thanks!

Stalking Guts

Remember how much you seethed with jealousy over the kids who got picked to be contestants on all of those Nickelodeon game shows? This Tumblr tracks those heathens down on Facebook, and the results are both excitingly life-affirming and incredibly depressing.

I Hope Your Bag is Comfortable Asshole

I sincerely hope someone with a giant bag on the CTA is reading this very paragraph right now and experiences a “Come to Jesus” revelation—to stop acting like an asshole in public.

*Thanks, Ernest!


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