Two passengers, witnesses stepped in and kept the man from fleeing the train. 

**EDIT: Let’s try something. Reply here if you’ve experienced sexual harassment on the CTA before, or send us your story via a private message. Pass along, too, please? 

***ANOTHER EDIT: Open to anyone who’s witnessed an incident and stepped in, as well. 

Tumblr Thursday: 3 to try


You know the drill by now—if you’re not following these Tumblrs already, you should be.

Craigslist Douchebags

"I just want to find a goddamn apartment" — a sentiment many of us have felt at one point or another. This Tumblr shares questionable ads from the Chicago Craigslist seeking roommates, specifically female roommates with certain measurements, hair colors … we’ve all seen these ads before, but, man, is it depressing to see them all rounded up, here.

"Have 1 bedroom available for open minded female rent negotiable. Prefer caucasion [sic] or hispanic, height/weight proportionate. Move in Immediately. Rent free!!!!!"

Straight White Boys Texting 

Speaking of douchebags …

… And Now It’s a Fucking Froyo Place

Rhymes with “ducking.” This one documents the hilariously ridiculous froyo joint takeover of New York City over the past few years.

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everyone here is always talking about the goddamned lake like it’s not a freezing cold grey diarrhea soup and i’m baffled by that. it’s too cold to go into ten months out of the year and the other two it’s so full of e.coli you can’t dip a toe in it without puking your fucking guts out. the last time i went to the beach i was ten years old. i stood at the edge of the water on a sweltering ninety degree day, one of my father’s disintegrating old t-shirts covering my sensible bathing suit to my knees; i stared out at sailboats in the distance as cool water lapped over my toes, the sand soft and slippery beneath my feet. AND THEN I FUCKING LOOKED DOWN. a cluster of tiny yellow bugs skittered across my tiny feet and a dead fish floated ominously by, followed by a soiled diaper packed with human waste and soaked in sludgy lake water and dead smelt runoff or whatever. i have not returned since.

bitches gotta eat: summer is the worst (via jasmined)

(If, unlike bitchesgottaeat, you intend to head to Lake Michigan this summer, it might be a bad idea to check out the Chicago Beaches web site before you do.)

Tumblr Thursday

Instead of our usual Thursday roundup of three different Tumblrs you should be following, we’re sharing a few of the posts seen on the new When Women Refuse Tumblr featuring real “stories of violence inflicted on women who reject sexual advances.” Give it a follow to read the links included with each story or headline.


"Van crashes in Midtown; kills pregnant woman driver allegedly attempted to flirt with"

"My grandmother and her boyfriend were murdered by her ex boyfriend, because he felt that if he couldn’t have her no one could."

"Man beat, killed pets when women broke up with him"

"In Chicago, a scared 15-year-old was hit by a car and died after she tried escaping from harassers on a bus."

"Woman Turns Down Drinks, Hit With Bowling Ball"

"He shot her in the back because she wouldn’t talk to him," said Starr Hullett, who was with Jameson during the shooting. "I couldn’t help her."

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